Respect, Tolerance and Care.

Lead your workforce by showing Respect, Tolerance and Care and become a Mental Health First Aider. Learn to recognise, understand and assist someone developing a mental health problem or crisis. Gain a better insight to your own mental health well-being and mindfulness.

Our courses remove the stigma and fear of mental health training, and will ensure that you will feel confident when approaching someone in distress.

Our resident and approved Mental Health FA instructor works in the mental health sector and has many years’ experience assisting those who have endured or continue to endure a mental health crisis, and training those who help them.

Onsite mental health first aid training courses are available for group bookings only. Give us a call on 01698 638 299 for a free consultation and we’ll do what we can fitting our training sessions to suit your working schedule. Available in Glasgow, Edinburgh, central Scotland and northern England.

You can click on the course tabs below for information – or contact us should you have any questions or queries.

Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA)

Our Mental Health Training course will include what you need to know about the initial assistance required for someone who is experiencing emotional distress, developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.  This kind of first aid is provided until such times the crisis is resolved or professional treatment is provided.

Although this course will not train you to be a mental health worker, you will be given general information about mental health care issues – giving you the confidence to approach someone who is experiencing distress.

It will take a total of 12 hours to complete (this can be 2 full days, 4 half days or 6 two hour sessions), and can be done in varying formats to tailor to different groups.  It is regularly monitored by NHS Health Scotland and will be conducted by a qualified trainer.  Although normally completed in a two-day format, we can seek to make alternative arrangements for you.

The following will be covered in the Mental Health training course:

  • Guidance on how to be a mental health first aider
  • Different attitudes to mental health
  • Equalities
  • Recovery message
  • How drugs and alcohol can impact a persons’ mental health
  • An introduction to suicide intervention
  • Listening skills
  • An understanding of depression
  • Offering first aid to people who are experiencing depression
  • An understanding of anxiety
  • Offering first aid to people who are experiencing anxiety
  • An understanding of psychosis
  • Offering first aid to people who are experiencing a psychotic episodeContact us on 01698 638 299 for more details.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (A.S.I.S.T.)

The Applied Suicide Intervention mental health training course takes two days to complete and is suitable for anyone who may be in contact with someone who may be a suicide risk at home or at work. This mental health training course can be completed in large or small groups, and is a practical workshop allowing you to develop skills using observation and supervised stimulation.

After completing the course you should be more capable and willing to recognise the signs of someone who has suicidal thoughts and to intervene effectively.

In this course you will learn:

  • Awareness of your own attitude relating to suicide
  • To be able to recognise when someone could be having thoughts of suicide
  • How to intervene effectively should you see suicidal behaviour
  • To be able to, and be ready to respond should a suicide first aid situation occur
  • A clear suicide first aid intervention model

You will also gain a better understanding of what the fundamental assumptions relating to suicide are such as:

  • it is a community-wide health issue
  • it isn’t a mental illness
  • suicidal thoughts are understandable, personal and complex
  • it is a situation that can be prevented
  • most people who experience suicidal thoughts want to live
  • most people with suicidal thoughts indicate in some way they want to live
  • seeking help is encouraged by open, direct and honest discussions regarding suicide
  • to identify suicidal thoughts most effectively, you should ask the person what they are thinking directly
  • relationships are the context of suicide intervention
  • groups of people can be taught suicide intervention skills

Participants of this mental health course could include people who have experienced some of these issues themselves or people who have been affected by it indirectly.  We make sure to take regular breaks where people can discuss their emotional issues and personal issues with the trainers.

Contact us on 01698 638 299 for more information.

A.S.I.S.T. Tune Up

The ASIST Tune up is a three and a half day mental health course, specifically for people who have already undertaken and completed the ASIST course.  We recommend that participants complete a refresher course every two years.

The aim of this mental health course is to reinforce the model of suicide intervention, discuss and share your personal experiences of suicide intervention, go over attitudes and to explore networking and resource issues.

Contact us for more info.

mental health first aid
mental health first aid