Health & Safety training is a hassle? It doesn’t have to be this way…

Health & Safety training is a fact of life. It’s as simple as that.

We understand, however, that juggling workload and staff coverage to arrange adequate training – which is value for money, hassle-free and suitable to your needs – can be a minefield.
We understand this, because we’ve worked in your industries…trying to organise this very thing.

That’s why we can provide a fully bespoke service on your premises, or a venue as close to your premises as possible, so you can minimise time spent away from the office, reduce travel costs and retain productivity. We can split training sessions into smaller blocks to suit your requirements.
You’re the client. It’s our job to provide the type of training you need.

Follow this up with experienced instructors who take the time to understand the nuances of your sector – including its specific hazards and the individuals who work with the risks – and what you’ll get back will be much more than a certificate of compliance. Your staff should return with a better understanding and awareness of the risks they face, the duties they have to themselves and others, and the obligations they’ve made to assist their employer to help keep them safe.
We understand this, because we’ve worked in your industries…alongside the people you employ.

At First Pass Training we attempt to Raise the Standard of what you experience when you book, and we attempt to Raise the Standard of what workers demand of themselves.

Health & Safety in the Workplace Level 2

download-the-factsheetIf you’re looking to provide your staff with quality, comprehensive Health & Safety training that’s relevant to them, we are here to help. Our Health & Safety in the Workplace training is created with health and safety legislation and regulations being the content, but attitude changing in the delivery.

We’ll start with an intro to the regulations themselves, and teach your staff how to prevent accidents, how to know when an accident is most likely to occur and more about specific areas of health and safety, helping you to keep your staff safe.


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Fire Safety Principles Level 2 Course

Fire Wardens and Fire Marshal training


It is good practice to make sure your staff are trained in the basics of Fire Safety Awareness in general, however, if you’ve completed a risk assessment that highlights that you require a fire warden or marshal, then you are required to make sure one of your staff undergoes this training. But don’t worry- we’re here to help.

Our Fire Safety Principals course meets the regulatory standards of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 and covers how fires can be started, how to control them, how to evacuate a building, how to asses a fire risk, and how to give fire briefings. With our Fire Safety Principles training you can make sure your staff know how to prevent fires, what to do in the event of a fire and keep them safe at work.


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Risk Assessment Level 2


With an average 23-26 million days lost at work each year and with an estimated cost to the UK economy from injuries and ill health caused by work being around £13-15 billion annually, investing in staff training to identify and avoid risks has never been more important.
At First Pass Training, we have a collective 75 years’ experience in real working environments, we understand how risks arise, when they are likely to arise, and how they can be avoided.

Our Risk Assessment Training courses will make sure your staff understand how important it is to undertake a risk assessment, they’ll learn what constitutes a hazard, the hierarchy of controls and how to follow up on a risk assessment.
By the end of their training they should understand how to write a formal Risk Assessment and why its important.

Please download a PDF copy of our Risk Assessment Level 2 course syllabus for more information.


Risk Assessment Level 2
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Safe Moving and Handling Level 2 (Manual Handling)


Alongside stress, depression & anxiety, musculoskeletal disorders were one of the main reasons for days lost relating to work related ill-health in the UK between 2014-15, a total of 9.5 million days, with the average person taking 17 days off work as a result.

The cost in mitigating this loss of productivity to the business owner, therefore, far outweighs the cost of doing nothing.

Manual handling is not something that people find difficult to learn and can prevent a lot of potential problems for an employer.

Investing in a course of correct manual handling training will reduce risk of any accidents taking place, by identifying and preventing them, all backed up by our collective 75  years’ experience of real workplace environments.

Please download a PDF copy of our Safe Moving and Handling Level 2 course syllabus for more information.


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