Paediatric First Aid can save lives

We were extremely saddened to learn of the three year old French girl whom tragically died from choking on a toy contained within a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg. We cannot think of a clearer example which stresses the importance of being trained to provide effective Paediatric First Aid to children and infants.

Aside from the ‘perfect people’ who are questioning the events of this tragedy, parents cannot possibly watch children every single minute of every single day.

Accidents can, and will happen.

Knowing what to do can make a significant difference to a child’s chances of survival.

Please, please take the time to enroll yourself on a Paediatric First Aid course with any reputable training provider.

The skills are very easy to learn, and can save a life.

We are in the Hamilton area of South Lanarkshire and will travel, up to a point, but if you need any help in finding a training provider closer to you, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to recommend a reputable organisation.

Our thoughts go out to the parents of this poor child, and to all those whom have been affected by similar events.

Our Paediatric First Aid courses are probably amongst our more popular and satisfying training courses, and are great for those working in the childcare industry, or for those with children in the home.

These courses meet and exceed the requirements laid down by the Care Inspectorate in Scotland, Ofsted, EYFS and SureStart for people who need a 2 day 12 contact hour first aid course for adults, infants and children.