Holiday Safety Hazards

Yes, it may be considered the most wonderful time of the year but Christmas tops the health hazards list, too.  Whilst this time of the year is the peak period for cold, flu (and in some cases hangovers), not all of the seasonal dangers are immediately obvious.  Many Christmas customs bring unexpected risks that can become serious health hazards during this yuletide season.

For some, the Christmas fun of completing age-old family traditions can become a minefield of dangers.  Read on to discover some of the most common seasonal dangers to be aware of this festive period.

  1. Decorating Dangers

A staggering 80,000 people seek hospital treatment every year for Christmas-related injuries.  Christmas mishaps come in all shapes and sizes, from cuts opening presents to falls putting up Christmas decorations, or even electrocutions from fairy lights.  Christmas poses some very real health risks so be sure to take extra care and precautions when assembling toys or putting up decorations.

  1. House Fires

The Christmas tradition of hanging stocking by the fireplace is only safe if you don’t have a fire going.  During the festive season, the percentages of fires in and around the chimney increased dramatically.  Plus, other classic Christmas decorations such as fairy lights or festive candles are both fire hazards.  Whilst it may not be Christmas without these classic decorations, you need to ensure that they are safe to use.  Make sure your Christmas lights carry the British Safety standard logo and remember to unplug them before going to bed!

  1. Snow and Sledging

If you’re lucky enough to wake up to a white Christmas, you’re sure to want to go out sledging to celebrate.  Whilst sledging is great fun and a classic Christmas tradition, it poses some major health risks.  When sledging you must ensure that you are in areas with plenty of open space where there is lots of room to stop safely at the bottom of a gently sloping hill.

  1. Drink Driving

Drinking too much at Christmas time is a pretty common occurrence during the holidays, whether it’s schmoozing with colleagues at the ill-planned work Christmas party or spending Boxing Day with extended family.  The number of fatalities associated with excessive drinking increases over the holiday season.  Make sure you don’t drink and drive this holiday season.

  1. The Christmas Coronary

The “Merry Christmas Coronary” is becoming a regular health hazard over the festive period.  Thanks to the over-rich and indulgent diets many adopt over the Christmas period and high levels of holiday-related stress, there is a rise in heart attacks over the festive season.  Make sure you stay safe and don’t over-do-it this Christmas!

With so many health hazards and dangers associated with Christmas, it’s important to recognise how a basic understanding of first aid can ensure peace of mind this holiday.  Gaining first aid certification could help you to save a life this Christmas.  Contact us today to start your first aid training.