First Aid for Motorcyclists – Essential Biker training

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With the riding ‘season’ now well and truly upon us thousands of motorcyclists up and down the UK will now be enjoying the freedom and pleasure that getting on two wheels in the summer months gives us. Unfortunately, however, accidents can and do occur, but help is at hand with our First Aid for Motorcyclists course.

Our ‘First Aid for Motorcyclists’ courses will take approximately 6 hours to complete in a classroom environment and will cover topics, including:

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  • Initial care of the scene and patient
    • Fears of first aid
    • Road safety
    • Barriers – gloves and face shields
    • Initial assessment
    • Unconscious breathing patient and recovery position
  • Cardiac problems
    • One rescuer CPR
    • Chest only compressions
    • Handing over to a second rescuer
  • Other primary care first aid problems
    • Adult choking
    • Serious bleeding and types of wounds
    • Shock
    • Spinal injury management
    • Snatch rescue (removing someone from a dangerous situation)
    • Helmet Removal – Open and Full Face
  • Specific injury management
    • Breaks and fractures
    • Embedded objects
    • Eye injuries
    • Head injuries and helmet removal
    • Chest injuries


Investing in your skills as a biker doesn’t stop at riding lessons or advanced training. Knowing what to do in the event of a motorcycle incident, and, more importantly, doing what needs done with confidence, is an essential part of the responsible biker’s skills.

Attending this course with your mates will also help to make it a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. Therefore we actively encourage interest from groups and clubs!

The price for this course will be £85pp +VAT with discounts available for group bookings. This price will cover course tuition, materials, certificate and 6 hrs worth of certified CPD credits.

Refreshments (teas, coffees and biscuits) and lunch will be provided when the course takes place within our training centre in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.

If you’re interested in this course, or require further information, please phone us on 01698 421 444, or email us at

Ride safe.

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